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Wi-fi coverage on the Binghamton University campus is virtually complete, even out of doors.

Can I access my network storage (H: drive) when connected to the wireless network?

Can I print to Pharos printers when connected to the wireless network?

What is restricted on the network?

The network restricts the use of TCP ports 135,137,139 and 445 (Netbios TCP) into the dorms to help keep some of the most common types of worms from spreading. There is also a firewall at the edge of the network that provides protection to the campus from the outside world. The most common incoming services are permitted; all types of outbound traffic are permitted. These considerations apply to both the wired and the wireless networks.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Most modern computers with wireless (wi-fi) support will be able to detect the campus wireless network, which is called buwireless.
To connect to the campus wireless network, your computer must be checked for compliance with university standards (operating system up to date and known and up-to-date antivirus software installed). It will then be registered. You must also be authenticated when connecting to the campus network, usually using your PODS account username and password.

Where are the wireless hotspots?

Wireless coverage on the Binghamton University campus is virutally ubiquitous.